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Setting the date


Are you expecting? Right now is the perfect time to set up your appointment. Letting me know your expecting guarantees you a photo shoot within 10 days of your baby's birth. You will be so busy with the baby, go ahead and give one person the responsibility to let me know the baby has been born. The day you come home from the hospital, message me and we will set up a date. Newborn sessions are typically done 5-10 days following birth.


What to bring


If there is anything of significance you want included in the shoot, please feel free to bring it. Just send me a picture if you can of the things so i have an idea to coordinate with the set up.


*Bring snacks and drinks if you want. You may be there a while depending on the baby. I have a fridge with some drinks in it for you if you want that your welcome to it.


*Bring a extra change of clothes like shorts and t shirt or tank. It will be around 85 degrees to keep the baby comfy and cozy to keep them very sleepy for every shot.


What to expect


Again, It will be super warm for the baby, I will have a fan that you can turn on for you to cool you down. I as a photographer have educated myself on what to do with newborns. It keeps them sleepy and asleep longer and for me to be able to move them around and also to keep them with a good color not slotchy. Even 5 degree change could change it all.


While I try to keep shoots around two hours, I have had some last as long as four. My goal is to make sure you have the best photos, while keeping your baby in the best of moods- sometimes this isn't possible. I also do not want to interfere with the babies natural schedule, so we take breaks for feedings and bonding time (this also helps keep baby sleepy).


Siblings and Parents


Parent and sibling pictures will be done first. Come dressed ready to have your pictures made. After your done you are welcome to change and get comfy, Shorts and tank suggested. Siblings can change into their picture clothes when they get there so no stains make their way to the clothes. For siblings please have someone like a grandparent or aunt or uncle come and take them back home or elsewhere, the reason for this is because the session could last a while and they may get tired of being in the studio and get antsy and wake the baby. It is very very important for the baby to stay asleep.


Other important things


No hand mittens the day of their session (leave marks that are hard to edit). Put the baby in a zip up or button up sleeper. Not something that comes over their head. Your baby will pee or poop or both on my stuff... ITS OK!!!! Dont say sorry. I will get peed or pooped on.... again ITS OK!!!! The sleepier the baby the better!!!!!





Northport, Alabama